Another busy week in Class 4

This week our class have been busy starting to organise our Christmas show! We can now reveal that our Christmas show is going to be… EBENEZER! We are all very excited! Not only have we begun planning our Christmas show, the P7s have also been to a fantastic workshop at Newbattle High School. When we got there we were split into four groups so whilst half of the girls did home economics, the boys did CDT ( craft design and technology ) and the other half of girls did science and then we swapped round. We all thought it was brilliant! The boys from class 3 and 4 have also been busy at a football tournament. Although they maybe didn’t win all their games they still played amazingly! Furthermore Ms Wilson has been teaching us basketball because volunteers from class 4 will be playing in a basketball tournament on the 8th of November! Moreover whilst the P7s were at Newbattle  P6s were preparing a small play about the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot and they performed it in assembly! Have a look at the photos!

By Lauren Underwood

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Harvest Assembly – Fri 28th Oct

Just a reminder that children will be attending a Harvest Assembly on Friday 28th October. We would appreciate if children could bring in offerings e.g. tins/packets of food which we will donate to a local charity, Midlothian Women’s Aid

Thank you



Rookie Rock Stars and Owen Thompson

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This week we were doing Rookie Rock stars. In Rookie Rock stars we sang 5 songs and learnt these dance moves, the penguin dance, head banging and the fish. It was really fun! The teachers were involved too! We had challenge time when we did lots of different challenges, question time which was when we were allowed to ask Rhoda (who was the awesome person that did the rookie rock stars) lots of different questions and also into the spotlight which is when Rhoda gives us a little mini rock star interview! Rookie Rock stars taught us songs about bullying,respect,being glad that you’re you and all being friends. We designed our own CD covers. The whole thing was such an amazing experience!

We also had a visit from Owen Thompson who is the MP for Midlothian, he said that he grew up in Midlothian so it was really cool that he managed to become an MP for Midlothian. He also said that he used to be head of the council before he got voted MP. He said that he has to work all day and that one day he went to vote in London and it ended at 4:00 in the morning and that day he had got up at 6:00 in the morning day before! So it was really exciting that he could come in to talk to us!

This week has been really fun, I wonder what we will do next week!

by Evie