Class 4 are feeling crafty!

p1040612 p1040613 p1040614 p1040615 p1040616 p1040617Class 4 have been busy creating lots of ‘crafty’ Christmas items, and the classroom looks festively fantastic! At the end of next week, all the decorations will be going home so you can look forward to a beautifully decorated house for the big day.

Church Service!

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On Thursday the 15th of December the whole school took a trip down to Borthwick Church to get into the Christmas spirit. We had a long walk down to the church, especially for the pupils with instruments to carry!

We had all been preparing for a while for our Christmas performances;  we had all been learning carols with our music teacher Mr McNaught and were ready to start singing! Some children had poems and stories to read out as well as Class 4’s Alternative Nativity which they had been rehearsing all week.

We started our Christmas Service with Reverend Allan, our Minister. Sadly, he will be leaving us after Christmas to be a Minister in the army and we wish him all the best. Around the church you could feel the buzz of festive excitement everywhere! It was now time for the primary sixes and sevens to show off their talents playing Christmas songs on their Clarinets and Saxophones. They had been practising with Mr Knox and their amazing tunes of Little Donkey, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Jingle Bells and Christmas Cakes really got everyone into the Christmas spirit. They all did wonderfully!

We also had readings from children from other classes and poems they had written themselves that were so outstanding! We sang lots of carols and to finish off the service Class 4 performed their Nativity about Asylum Seekers trying to find a place to have their baby and how the story is similar to the original story of Jesus’ birth. Everyone spoke beautifully and the rest of the Church loved it. It was a really fabulous and festive morning at Church and everyone enjoyed it and we are now ready for Christmas to begin!

By Jemma P7

Thurs 15th Dec – Church Service @ 11.00am


We would like to remind parents/carers that we will be holding Moorfoot Primary Christmas Service at  Borthwick Parish Church on Thursday 15th Dec at 11.00am.

Children have been working hard to learn Christmas Carols and Readings so would love to see parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours there if you can join us

The children will walk to and from church with a police escort (the road will be closed to traffic at these times).

There will also be a collection for Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

Show, Be Bright Day and Charity Assembly!

This week we have done our school show which was called Ebenezer,  it can also be called The Christmas Carol. It was about a man who was very grumpy and hated Christmas, his old work partner who died seven years ago and on Christmas his ghost visits him and says he will be visited by three spirits, so he is. There was the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas future. They show him his past, what was happening to his clerk Bob Cratchit and his future, they manage to  change his mind and he wakes up on Christmas morning and gives a turkey to his clerk and gives him more money. He then has the best Christmas at his nephew’s house. This year it was just class 3, class 4 and the p4s from class 2. Next class 1 and class 2 will do a show and hopefully it will be just just as amazing as ours! We had lots of wonderful songs in our play. If you came we hope you enjoyed it!

Not only the school show, we also had Be Bright Day which was organised by our wonderful P7 JRSOs, Jamie and Hannah. Be Bright Day is when the whole class dresses in their brightest clothes and the brightest class wins! The winners were…………….CLASS 2 AND THE NURSERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prizes were that Class 2 won extra break and some delicious Jelly Beans and The Nursery won a movie, they watched Arthur Christmas they also got a pencil, a sticker and a prize of their choice like a notebook, a yo-yo and so on.

This week was so exciting I hope to have another week like this soon!.

By Evie!

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001007003  004  002Moorfoot Primary’s Christmas Show EBENEZER is off to a wild start,  our co-directors Ms Wilson, Miss Fallens and Mrs Stokes are stressing over if the show will go well or not.

The school has an ICT programme that gives some of the children a shot doing ICT for assemblies at the school. We have Corran Fairley who is a professional DJ and is doing the ICT for the show with his trainee, Blair Purves.

We are grateful for the help from the learning assistants so thank you for all your help

Corran Fairley