Class 4 go to the Scottish Parliament!

¬† On Tuesday 31st January class 4 took a visit to the Scottish Parliament. When we arrived we were all amazed at the architecture of the parliament! As we entered the building, we were directed into an education room and were told to go into groups, as we looked at interesting objects and photos. We discussed ¬†different items. Also about when and why the Scottish Parliament was built, we were all extremely interested and had all our attention on the lady talking! Next we were split into groups and off we went on our tour. First of all, my group went to the debating chamber and we were all flabbergasted at the splendor of the outstanding debating chamber! It was very well organised and we stared in awe at the Scottish mace (given to Scotland by the Queen herself). Then we learned all about the Presiding Officer and that he gets to be in charge about who gets to speak and when (in the debating chamber). Then the other group came in and we had a group photo! Then we set off again to look at the desks were the MSPs sit in the chamber. We learned that they put a special pass in a holder that registers where they’re sitting and who they are; that all gets done electronically and it all gets sent onto the Presiding Officer’s device. Unfortunately we were not aloud to sit in the seats of the debating chamber but that didn’t stop our excitement! Furthermore we went to lots of other exciting places.

Then we were all led into another room and we got a interview with………… Rachel Hamilton! We were all extremely interested and asked very sensible questions. Do you enjoy your job? What is your favourite part of the parliament building? What inspired you to be an MSP? Who is your favourite MSP/MP? What was your funniest moment being an MSP?

We all enjoyed every moment and we learned loads of new things, we are all very thankful for our wonderful teacher Ms Wilson and the parent helper who volunteered to come with us to the Parliament (Jamie’s dad) Also all the parents of every child who went to the Scottish Parliament to allow us to go on this amazing school trip! THANK YOU!

by Hannah class 4 P7