Class 4’s trip to The Risk Factory

On Thursday the 23rd of February Class 4 went on an exciting trip to The Risk Factory In Edinburgh, Chesser. We all got in and hung up our coats  and huddled through into a huge open  room and got put into groups before we were given a leader to take us round. After a while we went round in our groups to the actual part of The Risk Factory, my group’s leader was called Cheryl who was very kind and helpful. Our first station was about electricity and how to be safe around a power station , we had to work out what had happened to a dummy who was lying on the ground inside the bars, he was trying to get his football but got hurt. Another scenario I liked was around a building site where there was a little girl , a dummy who was at the top of the scaffolding trying to get her teddy. I got a fright when we shook the pole and she fell back so it showed us that it wasn’t secure and if the dummy was real she could have been badly hurt. In my opinion my favourite and it was the scariest scenario, was the house fire one. We  walked down a dark and narrow corridor till we got stopped at a door that opened into a living room with dummies who had disabilities and we had the task of making the room as safe as possible. There was a candle next to the curtains which we spotted and were about to move but then the fire alarm went off and fake flames came up at the window. We evacuated the room and wheeled the girl in the wheel chair out whilst a few people in my group carried  the Auntie with a broken foot out and we all waited outside while Layla called the fire brigade. Suddenly on a screen opposite  there was a video of a fire engine coming towards us then a man in a fake uniform talked to us about what we had done and about the neighbour next door who needed to be freed and he told us we had done the right thing by waiting till the fire brigade came and not to go into the burning building full of smoke to get the house key. It was a very scary and exciting experience. We went through some more scenarios about things like railway lines, water, floods, beaches, buses, gas at home and we even did some police investigating. We had a very fun and helpful experience at the Risk Factory and were sad when we had to leave and go back to school. The scenarios we did will be very useful if we ever go through anything like that in later life so now we will be prepared. Thank you to the volunteers at The Risk Factory who showed us round and for giving up their time to teach us about safety .By Jemma




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