Unicef Day for Change

On 24th may every class took part in a fun day which raised money for the great charity Unicef which help kids in countries like Syria be happy and have a good life. On Unicef Day parents were invited to the school to many different stalls and the money was sent to Unicef. Children also wore blue because that is Unicef’s main colour.

The money Unicef supplies gives the poor clothes, food, medicine and a clean water supply. it makes a huge difference to other family’s lives.

On the day children ran different stalls like

  • Baking
  • Books and Toys
  • Beat the goalie
  • Guess the birthday of the teddy
  • Candyfloss
  • Cafe

We enjoyed Unicef day and we hope we have made a difference to some other Families in different Countries.

Proceeds are still being counted but we raised approx. £250!!

By Robbie Wallace and Callum Holland