New Year!

This week after coming happily back we have been learning lots and lots of french about clothing and colours etc purple and yellow.To be getting fit and energetic we do the daily mile around the school as many times as possible! We have recently added a daily mile chart so we can keep our score on the chart,some people like to walk, some run and also jog.When we came back to awesome school we did the prefect privileges, which means all the things they could do like the leaves at assembly,the blog which this is and most inportantly having the privileges of going into the staff room to eat cake on dress down days!

We also changed tables, they are very fair and we got the table banners done after lots of effort and hard work. But that isn’t all! We have done a job chart like register ranger, bookshelf buddy, chilled out box checker, leaf lifter, perfect p.a.s, terrific tidiers and of course just being awesome!.Our teacher Ms Wilson decided to have a contract about the class 4 rules and we all had to sign it.I nearly forgot to say we have table points and on Wednesday we did a millionare maths game. 4 people,your table members, you won table points if you got one correct.

On Wednesday we had music, we did at song title called Hard Days Night.It was very fun and energising.

We had a very fun week and we all know it is going to be a good one.


By Erin Hannah

School Photographs

Tempest Photography will be in school on :

Monday 28th August 9.00am

to take individual and family school photographs.

Parents with younger siblings they would like included should come to the school office at 9.00am.


Back to School! – Tuesday 22nd August 8.50am

Teachers and Support Staff have been busy in school getting ready for the start of the 2017/2018 School Session and look forward to seeing all Moorfoot Primary pupils on :


We would like to extend an especially warm welcome to all our new P1 pupils starting with us and look forward to hearing about the summer adventures all our children have had!

Please remember School Lunch price has increased to £1.90 per day (free for P1-3) – any children having school lunches should being their money in green envelopes and hand these to their class teacher first thing in the morning.

There will be no tuck shop for the first week of term so children should bring a healthy snack from home to enjoy at break time.

Parents can help their children get off to a good start by ensuring they remember their school bags with homework folders, a well stocked pencil case and water bottle. PE bags with full PE Kit should also be sent into school on the first day.