Bugs and science

On the 12th of October class 4 participated in something called Bugs and Bones,it was an amazing experience for all 24 kids. We learnt a lot of things about bugs and bones including finding out different illneses and how they happen. All of the kids enjoyed it a lot.We also found out that alligaters have 80 teeth which means 40 on top and 40 on the bottom. It was also very disgusting because a camera was down a bird’s throat and there were worms in the bird’s throat.


 On the 10th of October, we went to the National Mining Museum and learnt about renewable energy. It wasn’t just energy it was also kind of maths, because we had to use protractors to get the right angle for the fan to make the wind turbine go. Most of the time it was quite frusrating because the wind turbine would not move. Although it was frustrating at some points it was really good when it started to move. We all enjoyed it and it was a really amazing day out. Also we got a tour of the museum and that was just epic, all of us had a ball. From Archie and Robert