Busy Week For Class 4

This week in class 4 has been extremely busy. First of all a lady called Gillian Cousin came in to help us make a documentary about Moorfoot area. We got an option for a group, the groups that you could pick from were What is Moorfoot, the Good things, the Bad things, Statistics and Interviews. 

Also we went into class 3 to do a a small report by Pie Corbett called the Manchester Ridge Back. We split into mixed class 4 and 3 groups then the groups practised it. The classes had a competition to see which was the best class and it was a draw.

The ICT specialist Miss Arkley planned to spend a whole morning with us showing us how to use Glow but Dr Bunce, who works for Apple also came along and did Spheros as well. How lucky!

Cameron, Kai, Callum, Archie, Thomas, Pippa, Katie, Bethany, Layla and Charlotte went to a basketball tournament at Gorebridge leisure centre and did really well, they won two, lost two and drew one. Well done guys! By Cameron

Moorfoot Medal Survey

Last session there was a drop in the number of children engaging with the Moorfoot Medal initiative to recognise and celebrate achievements out of school.

We would appreciate some feedback to help us decide whether to continue with the scheme.

Please take a few seconds to give us your views – thank you!

Moorfoot Medal Survey

The survey will close on Friday 10th November



Barbapapa, books and football

Hello, last week class 1 and 4 got together to create our own characters based on a french cartoon called Barbapapa. Furthermore we also made books to go along with our characters for class 1’s library. It was very interesting to see what kind of creatures class 1 could come up with. Both class 1 and class 4 alike enjoyed it very much! In that same week a group of boys from class 3 and 4 attended a football tournament at the Dalkeith campus and had lots of fun. Out of the 6 games we played we won 5 and drew one which is amazing, especially considering the size and strength of some of the boys we were up against!

By Callum  and Kai