Children in Need, Be Bright Day and Moorfoot Neighbourhood Plan

        This week Moorfoot Primary School have been up to many exciting things including our terrific Children in Need bake sale to raise money for young carers,disabled children and families in need of support. Amazingly lots of children generously donated cakes,cookies,brownies,traybakes and delicious goodies for the Pupil Council to sell as well as that many children dressed up in spots (because it was the Children in Need theme this year). Thanks to everyone who baked cakes and also thank you for spending money to help this tremendous cause. As a school we made an incredible £243.84 which is excellent for a small school!

This week Class 4 has been taking part of a Moorfoot development plan,which is a film that will be shown to Moorfoot Community Council about why we love to live here and what could be improved, our class set out on two days of epic filming in Temple,Gladhouse Reservoir, Currie Inn Farm, Borthwick Castle and North Middleton. Everyone enthusiastically took part both in front of the professional camera and behind it. We would all like to thank Gillian Cousin who directed us and provided great support,Paul the friendly bus driver for driving us all over Moorfoot and the other Paul and his friend who were great cameramen and are probably editing are film right now! 

Last but not least this Friday we had “Be Bright Day” in which the school was encouraged to wear extremely bright clothes. Interestingly there was a prize for the brightest class and it was Class 2 whose clothes dazzled the eyes. As a prize they were given colourful pencils to draw with. The last few weeks at Moorfoot have been extremely busy and I wonder what we will be doing next week…

By Pippa