1140 (full time) hours at Moorfoot Early

We are delighted to announce that we are able to begin offering full time places (1140 hours) at Moorfoot Early. All children attending our Early Learning and Childcare are eligible for these hours.
We are able to start taking your child full time from the week beginning the 31st of August. We realise some of you may have made other arrangements that may mean you cannot start full time this week, and that is okay. You can begin full time with us as soon as it is convenient.
You may wish to take all of the 1140 place with us or part of it if you prefer. If you opt to take part, it needs to be in blocks of days (not mornings or afternoons). If you wish to take the remainder of the 1140 elsewhere, that’s fine.
Our full time hours will be as follows

Mon – Thurs 08:35 – 15:10

Friday 08:35 – 12:15

If you wish to increase your time in a more gradual way, building on the current model, then please discuss this with Ms Doig.

Packed lunches will continue to be provided by the Local Authority at this time, we will endeavour to keep you updated regarding any changes to the provision of lunches.

Following the current guidelines from the Scottish Government regarding social distancing we will continue with the arrangements for dropping off and collection to ensure that we are keeping everyone safe at this time.

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