Charities and Maths Week!


 At the start of this week the whole school voted for which charities they thought the school should support this year. Two people from each class prepared a presentation about their charity and at the end everyone voted for their favourite charity. The charity with the most votes was Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland as presented by Fergus Oswald therefore that will now be the school’s priority when fundraising. Well done to everyone who presented a charity!

Scottish maths week

 This week was Scottish maths week and every class made a huge effort to do different types of maths. Class 4 did a lots of visual maths like making  cubes out of sugar cubes to help us with our work.

Callum and Rory



P5 up to P7 were skiing on Wednesday and we all had good fun. It was good to be able to go on the slope and have good fun on the slope with some friends! We all enjoyed it because the majority of us went up very high. Mr. Weedon also took part,he was actually  really good and went to the highest and the steepest point and never fell.


The other week we chose the prefects that will be prefects up until middle of January. The prefects until January are Robert, Archie, Callum, Charlotte, Hamish, Eilidh,and Skye.The people that will be prefects next year will be Euan,Rory,Bethany,Katie,Millie,Rachel and Molly


 by,Archie and Robert

STEM work shop

On Thursday P7 went to the Edinburgh College to a STEM workshop. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. There were 5 activities and the first activity was rocket cars.

We had to design a car that would go fast and then the instructors carved it how we wanted. After that we all went outside to test how fast they were after the instructors put the rockets in

After that we had the other 4 work shops which were: egg drop, math problems, computing and  building a card bridge. We all enjoyed doing the activities, and working with P7s from other schools.



Moorfoot Medal and More

This week class 4 has been working hard doing all sorts of things including French. We have been writing sentences about us and drawing colourful frames to put them in. Since we have been focusing on our writing we have been learning a lot about connectives and trying to put them in our writing. The assembly this week was about Moorfoot medal which is where you learn new,different skills and record them in your book and you get a certificate. This year many children entered it and have been learning a variety of new skills including dance,baking,climbing,helping clean around the house and more. It was great to see how many children gave it a go. Next week is World Book Day so on Friday you can dress up as your favourite book character. It is going to be so much fun!

by Pippa and Layla

Our Fantastic Week

Last week we went to ski at Hillend Ski Centre on Wednesday 6th of September. It was class 3 and 4 who went. The beginners had a talk about being safe on the slope, the level two went with their instructor, the 3 and up went with their instructor.  We had lots of fun skiing and will return to the slippery slopes next week.

Class 4 started making little robots with an ICT teacher. We had to put lots of Lego sort of pieces  together and tried to get the robots to drive.

The Primary 7 are going to Newbattle  High School for a french fashion show!

The JRSOs are going to Woodburn for a meeting with all of the rest of the JRSOs in different schools. The JRSOs are Erin and Layla.


By Layla


Class 4 rugby and hillwalking

 Class 4 have had a busy few weeks where we have been doing things like rugby and hill walking! On Tuesday 25th of April the first group of keen hill walkers set off to attempt to climb to the top of Castle Law,a hill in the Pentlands. The group of children were half of class 4. The other half went the next week on Thursday 4th of May. Both groups managed to get to the top of the hill which was a big achievement for all of them. Class 4 have also been lucky enough to be taught rugby by Amy. Amy has been teaching them touch rugby. Touch rugby is rugby without contact. Class 4 have had two lessons so far and have enjoyed them very much.

by Lauren Underwood